The Life You Love

The Life You Love

The Life You Love is founded by Scania Price, it is a place that you can experience Counselling in Nature or in an indoor environment. Scania is a fully qualified counsellor, Sound therapist and psychotherapeutic body worker. This website allows you to explore therapy to suit you. The life you love offers a creative, natural, unjudemental environment where you can begin your journey.

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How to Gift Someone


A Gift Of Therapy

Sometimes it takes a little kindness in a world that is feeling a little unsafe. If you are looking to gift someone you can by just clicking below

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“Thank you for today my lovely ~ i had such a beautiful time, made even more special by being with my good friends . I feel so relaxed and happy, big hugs”​

Dawn- Ecotherapy workshop 2017

“Thank you for yesterday Scania. What a beautiful day at Gaunts house. So lovely to have a reflective and close day with nature facilitated by beautiful people” 

Linda Hughes- Connection to Nature workshop 2017

“Thank you again for today. Such an amazing insightful relaxing experience to contemplate and explore and feel in silence - even for an eternal chatterbox like me !! X  So relaxing to have my needs met and not feel a nuisance” ​

Sophie- Connection to Nature day 2017

Forest Bathing- The Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku