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3hr Workshop in the Woods Rewilding yourself!

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17th January and the 10th February 3 hr workshop in the woods. You can purchase it as an individual or a group of 2, 3 or 4 (please mail me if larger group is required) This unique three hour workshop  happens in my private woods near Dorchester/Cerne Abbas. It is based on working with nature and sound and is for small groups (£45 each) 12-3pm

Working with nature allows us to just be, to let us allow stuff to surface good or bad, sun or shadow, light or dark...... Each forever alternating. Allowing the space in nature to hold us come rain or shine, allowing us the time to just unfold in whatever way needed; no force, just acceptance.

In the 3 hours we will be held in nature, lay in hammocks, go on a journey with the gongs and drums and sit by the fire. You may want to move away from the group and set up camp in a more private location (taking fire dish with you and hammock). There is allowance and change allowed.

This is three hours to switch off, submerging in nature and sounds of nature. Refresh, restore and relax.

Details and location are emailed on booking. You can also email me and pay by bank transfer.

This may alter slightly if we have very rainy weather, but the experience is always just how it is supposed to be.

There is covered area with fire and seats plus there is a very civilised compost toilet too!