About Me

Work life has been eclectic, i started off my career in Los Angeles with Entertainment Lawyers whilst living in Hollywood. I then moved back to the UK and was head of PR at an award winning outdoor sports brand. Each day never the same… black days…blue days… joyous and sad.  I became aware this was my life to live and in that realisation my life changed.  I changed tack to follow my new vocation in life, became a Holistic Therapist, a Sound Therapist (using the Gong) and a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, which has ignited a passion which grows ever more focused with each person I meet and exchange time with. 

I am a trained counsellor and offer a space to create an in depth therapeutic relationship, a space that has emphasis placed on the creation of this relationship which is holistic; focusing on the whole- body, mind and soul, of you the client. .

My aim is to provide a space that helps you gain a clearer understanding of yourself, your experiences and your situation. I work in a conventional therapy setting (room), in nature (eco therapy) and offer Gong Psychotherapy which involves using the Gongs, Drums, Instruments and psychotherapy together.

I have a philosophy in life that everyone has a right to be able to get in touch with themselves and sometimes these times coincide with not being financially abundant, I offer a sliding scale with price. Through amazing people, challenging people, the natural world and many experiences, I believe with all my heart this has lead me to create “the life you love.”

Which sole aim is to inspire, support and bring forth others into a life they will love too.