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Psychotherapeutic Body Massage

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Psychotherapeutic Body Massage

Sometimes it is hard to link our mind with our body and our body with our mind. So its not difficult to see that when someone has anxiety, depression, or trauma; that if they continue to hold their body in a way that keeps the pain trapped, unreleased, and unhealed, they will continue to carry the damage and be unable to move through the issue. So my sessions invite clients to deal with the causes of pain, not just the symptoms. As a result, there is a basis for lasting change. Respectful and beneficial bodywork can help to move the trapped unreleased, unhealed pain that can often get stuck to complement the journey. 

 With body work and trauma I will find the appropriate touch for each individual client. Asking for constant feedback, clients can assume ownership of their body within this safe environment and determine their boundaries. What pressure to use and when to touch, when to stop and do absolutely nothing. I have a good understanding of the psychological dynamics involved and I am a member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) so I follow a moral, ethical, and legal framework, which keeps the client safe. It’s the immediacy of touch, the caring and nurturing it conveys, that makes it highly therapeutic and people who have been shut down in their body have reported after bodywork, they were able to regain that connection. Here is a little more on bodywork:

  • Bodymind: Perhaps the most foundational concept of this type of psychotherapeutic body work, the bodymind represents the embodied integration of thoughts, feelings, and physical bodily experiences and sensations. All parts of a person can be accessed at various points in treatment in order to effectively and holistically address concerns. 
  • Armoring and Character: Armoring is a concept developed by Reich. He believed people developed systems of bodily “armor,” or muscle tension/rigidity, in order to protect themselves from emotional and physical pain. These sets of armor contribute to the development of a person’s “character," according to Reich and his followers, who developed five character types to use during assessment. 
  • Energy:  Energy stored in and released from the body plays an important role in how people carry themselves, experience and heal from pain, and interact with the world. Things like energy flow and release, muscle pulsation and contraction, and energy charge and discharge are all things I pay attention to throughout the treatment. 
  • Body Memory:  I believe memories can actually be stored within the body. My feelings are that because of this, some memories cannot be processed through talk therapy, but that these traumatic memories and problematic tension can often be released through bodywork, sound and other physical techniques. 
  • Trauma:  I believe that the concept of trauma aligns with that of body memory, proposing that traumatic experiences can create energy build-up, or blockages, that lead to physical and mental health concerns. 

What will happen in the session:

We will begin with a consultation, then follow on with intuitive psychotherapeutic body massage which could include reflexology, massage, energy work and Sound therapy.

The first session is 90mins as this allows enough time for consultation and body work. Sessions after can be 60mins at a cost of £40 per hour. A choice of buying in blocks is also available.

Please note Scania is a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Sound therapist and Body worker.

We can discuss and negotiate your sessions ,needs and energy.

 As well as being in private practice I have volunteered as a counsellor at Dorset Rape Crisis. So I am aware of how trauma can be held in the body.

Places your treatment can take place:

Highcliffe (Lymington Road)                                                                                  Poole (Ringwood Road)                                                                                          Alchemy Clinic (Wimborne)

You can find out more by calling 07929379918 or contact me